Covid 19 and Norton Bavant

In March 2020, as the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic sank in, a number of village members discussed how we could all help one another in the village during the lockdown and should anyone need to self-isolate or was actually ill. It was decided to do three things.

  • Set up a list of volunteers who were willing to help those in need of help, whether practical (such as shopping) or moral support. Fourteen households agreed to become ‘support volunteers’, and the list and contact details are held by Gina Charles (01985 841391) and Mike Wooldridge (01985 840631).
  • Set up a WhatsApp group for general quick sharing of information, jokes and photos. This has proved very popular and useful. If you would like to join it, please contact Mike Wooldridge on 840631.
  • Resume use of The Village Voice, part of the old Norton Bavant website, for sharing useful information, such as advice on which shops or businesses would deliver to Norton Bavant. This facility is now superseded by this new village website.

In addition, the national Thursday night clap for NHS, carers and other essential people developed into a musical and social event. Andrew Lane, professional tenor of international fame, English National Opera, Glyndebourne etc kindly performed on the village field for people coming out into their front gardens. The social contact over garden fences etc was so popular that when the nation stopped doing the Thursday night applause, the village continued to come out to hear Andrew sing and to chat to neighbours in a socially distanced way. The Thursday night sessions have now also stopped, but Andrew has kindly agreed to perform on alternate Fridays – so watch out for more information on this website or the WhatsApp group.