3 parts Altos or Patron Tequila
2 parts Triple Sec
2 parts freshly squeezed Lime juice
(using 4 or 5 limes)
Lots of crushed ice
Rock or Sea Salt


You will need a cocktail shaker, a measure, crushed ice

  • Mix the Tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice in a cocktail shaker with lots of crushed ice
  • Shake well
  • Grind a fair amount of salt into a bowl
  • Using a wedge of lime, take your Tequila glass and rub lime juice around the edge of the glass
  • Dip the edge of the glass in the bowl of salt to coat the rim
  • Place some crushed ice into the bottom of your glass
  • Pour the perfect Margarita
  • Sip through the salt rim and enjoy