Norton Bavant Village Meeting

Village Meeting at the Village Hall

All villagers are welcome to attend the Village Meeting which usually takes place twice a year mid March and mid October.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime you can contact Mike Wooldridge.

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Above photo by Gina

Next Village Meeting: Wednesday, 28 September 2022
Minutes of the Norton Bavant Village Meeting on Wed 09 March, 2022

Minutes of the Norton Bavant Village Meeting on Wed 09 October 2019

Present: Mike W (Chair), Andy D (Clerk), Jane D, Andrew L, John A, Nick C, Liz D, Geof & Pat F and Suzanne N.

Apologies – Jonathan J-P, David H, Katie & Miles P, Gina C, Graham & Hilary C, Sarah & Alan C, Didee A, Jane W and Ian N.

1. Chair Introductory Remarks: Nil

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes previous meeting were sent out on 10 October 2019 following the meeting of 09 Oct 19. It was accepted by the meeting that given the time since the last meeting due to COVID restrictions that the previous minutes were purely a historical record – the previous minutes were approved by all and signed by the Chair.

3. Matters Arising: It was agreed that these would be covered under the agenda items below.

4. Amenity Fund

Amenity Fund account.  A copy of the Amenity Fund account has been posted on the kitchen units of the Village Hall for all to see; the report covers this financial year (up to 5 April 2022).  Over the last 2.5 years the windows refurbishment has been almost completed (costing c£3000).  In the last year, the village has spent c£1800 on running routine costs (electricity (heating/lighting), test certificates (fire/electricity), website, insurance, Village Hall Assoc membership, grass cutting, etc) and some limited improvements £962.  The income received in this financial year was c£2059: £1282 in donations; hire of the hall & field £485 and HMRC £292.  The current fund balance is c£997.

Future Purchases.  The Chair stated that future purchases/work would include re-pointing of brickwork and replacing the wooden benches – this will need fundraising based on the current balance and normal in year running costs.  The option of possibly selling some of the older benches as part of fundraising was proposed and agreed in principle.

5. Village Events

Jubilee Weekend/Celebrations (Sat 4 June).   This was the main topic of discussion at the meeting.  Three trees have been planted by Jonathan in the field as part of the Jubilee Commemoration.  The chair summarised some pre-meeting discussions on WhatsApp which made several suggestions on how the Jubilee might be celebrated by the village e.g. bake-off type event followed by an afternoon tea and BBQ, etc.   Saturday appeared the preferred date for a village event and there was general support from the meeting to celebrate the event (albeit the meeting was only attended by 10 villagers).   It was proposed that a sub-meeting was arranged to organise the event/celebration – John, Andrew, Nick & Mike volunteered to support the sub-group planning (ACTION: Mike to agree/arrange next steps for the sub-group).   In addition to any celebration, Andrew suggested purchasing a bench(es) to commemorate the Jubilee (costing between £450-£900) – it was acknowledged this could only be achieved through fundraising and/or a sponsor/donor.

Note: National events over the Jubilee period suggest Saturday afternoon should work well as it is deconflicted from other key events.  John felt it may be possible to combine with a church event (details to follow).

Other Future Events   As highlighted above fundraising events are needed if the village is to meet its running costs and maintain/replace current items – the Chair proposed the possibility of a Curry Night in October (date TBC) as part of the Harvest Festival period; Nick volunteered to lead on organising this event.  John also suggested a church Harvest Breakfast event in Sep.

6. Post Box: Andrew confirmed that the wall has been repaired and that the Royal Mail have been informed of the repair. It will now be up to the local Royal Mail operational manager to confirm when the village mailbox is reopened. Thank you to Jonathan for the speedy repairs to the wall.

7. Clerk

Update.  The Parish Steward continues to provide ½ a day of work/month for the Parish primarily clearing drains and filling potholes subject to other council priorities e.g. road gritting in winter.  The Clerk will raise the issue of cleaning the bus stop with the Parish Steward on his next visit.    Liz mentioned the need for the drain opposite her house needed some attention – the Clerk will bring this issue to the attention of the Parish Steward.

Handover of Clerk Role.   Noting the current clerk has been in position for 4 years it was proposed that it was probably time to identify a successor.  The meeting was asked to consider succession planning in finding volunteers for this role and other roles e.g. the Chair, event organisers and volunteer cleaners in order to share the responsibilities more equitably across the village community.

8. Church Matters: John updated the meeting on the church refurbishment: next steps include the installation of a compostable outside disabled toilet; a small kitchenette to be installed in the summer and then redecoration of the church throughout. John also mentioned that the Church has high quality wifi to facilitate ‘Zoom’ services and events. In addition. John clarified that the PCC meetings are open to all to attend

9. AOB

The meeting confirmed the handover of the village hall keys and booking to Jane D.

The Chair raised the issue of cleaning the telephone box, benches on the field and the bus stop which all require volunteers to maintain/clean.  Andrew volunteered to do the work on the benches and Nick volunteered reference the telephone box.  Following a question from Liz, the Chair also confirmed that the village hall cleaning rota would restart from April 2022. Please contact Mike or Andrew D. if you are able to volunteer for any of these tasks – we need volunteers to maintain the village and the village hall.

10. Date of Next Meeting

Wed 28 September 2022