Norton Bavant Village Meeting

Village Meeting at the Village Hall

All villagers are welcome to attend the Village Meeting which usually takes place twice a year mid March and mid October. Due to Covid-19 the March meeting had to be postponed. We will confirm the date of the next meeting in due course.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime you can contact Mike Wooldridge.

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Above photo by Gina

Latest Village Meeting:
Minutes of the Norton Bavant Village Meeting on Wed 09 October 2019

Present: M W (Chair), A D (Clerk), J D, L D, S N, V E, J R, J & D A, N & G C and G F.

Apologies – E M, J W, A L, C G, P F, I N and S S.

  1. Chairman Introductory Remarks: Nil
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Approved by all and signed by the Chair.
  3. Matters Arising It was agreed that these would be covered under the agenda items below.
  4. Amenity Fund
    1. Amenity Fund account. A copy of the Amenity Fund account has been posted on wall of the Village Hall for all to see; the reports cover the last 6 months and financial year.   The current balance is £4300, a slight reduction on the opening balance (£2400 spent and received approx £2200).  It is noted that during the recent reporting period there has been some major expenditure including four new windows and stone-work by S B.  Other key expenditure has included new fire extinguishers, insurance (£500) and grass cutting (£600).  The Chair mentioned that Sutton Veny Flower Show had made a generous donation of £500 which would be put toward the new shed (now purchased).  Income from village donations was about £1000 per year and income from hire of the hall, equipment and field was increasing (about £1400 in the last 18 months).
    2. Future Purchases. The Chair stated that future purchases would be expenditure on the refurbishment of the three old windows, currently under way, and then further stone-work repairs.  The Chair also mentioned that the village is looking to replace benches on the village field next year as they are nearing the end of their life.  The next payments for grass cutting and insurance were also due soon.
  5. Village Events
    1. Thanks  – The Chair expressed his thanks on behalf of the Village to the organisers of the Curry/Quiz Night on 21 Sep 2019 which was a great success raising £306 (split equally between the Church and the Amenity Fund). The meeting expressed its thanks to R D (Quizmaster) and N & G C who did a wonderful job organising the Curry Night.  J A confirmed that the Open Gardens event in the Summer went well and raised some money for the village.
    2. Future Events   J A confirmed that there would be a coffee morning bring and buy, raffle and stalls on 23 Nov in the Village Hall. A L had suggested a Pre-Christmas Happy Hour – date TBC; A would be content to organise.  N & G C suggested this could be a slightly larger affair e.g. mulled wine, canapes and carols; they would be willing to support A.  It was suggested by the meeting that drinks and nibbles might be a monthly event over the Winter and possibly beyond but no dates were confirmed.   V E mentioned the idea of a New Year’s Eve Party or possibly a Valentines Party – V to sound out interest and report back to the Chair.
  6. Parish Clerk
    1. Update. The Parish Steward continues to provide ½ a day of work/month for the Parish primarily clearing drains and filling potholes.   The meeting felt that the potholes at Langley Gore needed to be addressed – Parish Clerk to raise with the Parish Steward.  It was suggested that the repainting of the milestone to be taken on by the village.  N C volunteered to remove the abandoned green bin (plus contents) from the bus stop as it was becoming a magnet for rubbish.
  7. Church Matters
    1. Church Update. J A updated the meeting on the church refurbishment: the heating and lighting has been completely refurbished and an audio system installed.  Going forward the next steps would be to install an outside disabled toilet, kitchenette and address issues with the bells.  Financially the church is in a sound position for the longer term maintenance of the building.
    2. Church Events J A mentioned that the Cafe Church event/Harvest Festival was well attended and a real success; a modern simple service which will be held on the 3rd Sunday in Sep going forward. Future events ‘Pimm’s and Hymns’ on Sunday 20 Oct at 6pm at the Church and the village coffee morning to be held in the Village Hall (mentioned above).
  8. AOB
    1. G C asked whether we should consider advertising the hiring out the village hall and field – the meeting felt the issue of parking would be a significant difficulty and therefore given the village finances are in good order advertising was felt unnecessary.
    2. J A asked if someone might take over responsibility for the booking the village hall. J D volunteered; accepted by the village.
  9. Date of Next Meeting

23 March 2019.